shines a light on changing times


World War II obliterated the economies of Japan and Germany, forcing the countries to rebuild and modernize. Within decades they became global powerhouses.

You can find evidence that we're on a similar course of much-needed rebuilding on the new recession-watch site,, founded by three, fabulous, young women living the media life in New York -- but without the media jobs or it bag. (Sex and the City officially belongs in a time capsule).

Full disclosure first: two of the sites three founders, Laura Rich and Sara Clemence, are former editors/bosses of mine. We of course no longer work together because we got laid-off, as the story goes. Since I no longer work for these women who beat me into the journalist I am today like they were dusting an old Victorian rug, I will be straightforward with how I feel about their new "day job": I am thrilled there's a smart team of women with flashlights on in a pitch black economy.

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