NYC photographer gets $8,000 for booty snapshot


The word is out: In New York City, an amateur photographer can land a big payday for taking a snap shot of a lady's exposed back side. Well, it's not quite that simple -- but it almost is.

According to a report from, Robert Kabakoff was riding his bicycle through New York City's Central Park, when he noticed an uninhibited young lady who had hiked up her skirt to expose her posterior assets to the sunshine. Mr. Kabakoff, thinking he had a good opportunity to snap a "slice of life" photograph, hopped off his bicycle and opportunistically made a Kodak moment of the young lady's bottom. Unfortunately, someops got wind of Kabakoff's endeavor, and subsequently made him an unwilling overnight guest of the state.

The payday part of the story arose when our hero, Robert Kabakoff, was forgiven his alleged transgression. It would seem that the District Attorney recognized that Mr. Kabakoff had done nothing wrong. Kabakoff had not been stalking the lady, and the photo was taken in a public venue, wherein the lady had no expectation of privacy. Additionally, our unwitting body model had made her own choice to expose her lovely panties to the world. She doesn't get to choose whether her viewers take just a passing glance, or whether they digitally harvest the spectacle for posterior posterity. The situation might have been different if she was not an adult.

Subsequent to being released by the authorities, Kabakoff, a graduate of The John Jay College of Criminal Justice, settled for a compensatory payment of $8,000. What a happy ending this was, in what was clearly a bottom line case of false arrest.