I brake for anything but investment bankers


Bumper stickers have long been an easy way to support a candidate, identify yourself as a supporter of our troops or share your affinity for death metal. In a time of Facebook Buttons and Twitter updates, one might worry that bumper stickers are a remnant of the past but one Nevada driver proves that bumper stickers are still an excellent way to comment on current events with a bumper sticker proclaiming, "I brake for animals and insects but not investment bankers."

While it is perhaps the funniest bumper sticker yet in '09, there will undoubtedly be more to come if the bumper stickers relating to the first bailout are any indication. Personally I'm looking for an old school bumper sticker, perhaps Calvin relieving himself on the Wall Street Bull or "Investment Banking; NO FEAR!"

Sadly someone is missing out on an opportunity to recover their losses as there appears to be no place to purchase this banker baiting bumper sticker -- yet.

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