Top 25 "It" products of all time: #18 -- My Little Pony (take 2)


Note- Two of bloggers shared a passion for this It product, so we asked both of them to share their memories.

One My Little Pony wasn't nearly enough. One little pony could not be stabled all by itself in the pink and purple Crystal Rainbow Castle.
How many of these acutely feminine, pastel, plastic horses, with manes and tails to brush, did we have to have? We've needed herds (forty million!) since Hasbro introduced the ponies to little girls in 1983.

The forerunner of My Little Pony was My Pretty Pony, a simple brown and blonde girl, a little chunkier than the more popular models (of course, the skinny ponies were the big hits and models produced after a 1997 relaunch would - despite the booming American middle - be skinnier still). The original ponies were called Earth Ponies. There were six "founding mothers," Cotton Candy, Blossum, Blue Belle, Minty, Snuzzle and Butterscotch. All had brushable manes and tails.

Almost 1,000 more pony models would follow, becoming a mainstay for Hasbro. Most can be identified by a symbol on their side and each new group (Earth Ponies were followed by Unicorns, then Pegasus, Rainbow and Sea Ponies) has distinctive features. There were almost 700 (G1) pony models produced between 1982 and 1992. After a hiatus, Hasbro introduced the G2 ponies in 1997 and G3 in 2003.