Dunkin Donuts spies reward its commuting customers

Times are tough, and in tough times, you'll want a few extra dollars for doughnuts. Right?
Dunkin' Donuts' answer to this question is a resounding RIGHT! The company emailed us yesterday to let us know they're planning a stealth PR operation to deliver $5 gift cards to unsuspecting (and, I suppose, suspecting) customers. If you are caught by the "Latte spies" in the New York
area with a Dunkin' Donuts bag or cup, you'll be given a card, and four of you will receive $99 gift cards. We will trust you to spend that judiciously over a period of a few months...

The spies will be found on the streets of New York, Hicksville, Iselin, Secaucus and Hoboken as well as on the LIRR, the subway, New Jersey Transit and the Hoboken Ferry on Tuesday February 10th and Thursday February 12th.

The promotion is smart as well as fun; regular Dunkin' Donuts customers can proudly flaunt their purchases in hopes of receiving some freebies. Will anyone go out of his or her way to buy a Dunkin' coffee with the hope of getting a few dollars' worth of morning treats in return? As crazy as it sounds, I know I would if I were travelling to Penn Station next week. How about you?

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