The Job Hunt: Web site helps unemployed find schools to improve skills


With 11.1 million people out of work, it makes sense that some would either return to college or find a technical school to learn new job skills., a Web site that helps people search for schools, is seeing some of that market as more people look to retool their careers. In December, the national unemployment rate reached 7.2%. A month later, saw its traffic increase 54% from the previous month to 376,000 visitors.

Jerry Slavonia, the company's CEO, said in an interview that while he doesn't necessarily tie the two together, he admits that the recession is helping his company prosper.

"A lot of people are going to have to start from scratch" in this economy, said Slavonia, 41, from his office in Santa Monica.

"If you're in a dead-end career, you just can't go out and get a new job," and going to school will help retool for a career change, he said.