Swindling knows no (age) limits as 99-year-old goes to trial

By age 99, you'd think he would have learned better.

Zhou Zhiping, 99, is on trial in Beijing and accused of swindling $109,700 from an American, making him the oldest criminal defendant ever in the city, according to a Reuters story.

Chinese media reported that Zhou said he had close connections with

government leaders and could help with the unfreezing of assets of former members of the Nationalists party held in the United States. The Nationalists ruled China until Communists took power in 1949. Zhou, born in 1910, claimed to be a former provincial governor during the Nationalists' rule of China.

He was released on bail because of his age. Zhou has poor hearing, and has denied all of the accusations in court. He faces at least 10 years in jail, or up to life, in jail if found guilty.

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