90% of Live Cashback problems resolved - Caution still advised

Many users awoke yesterday morning to a joyous chorus of "cha-ching" as money from Microsoft's Cashback program began hitting PayPal accounts nationwide. Shortly after we first covered the issue of delayed payments to individuals who participated in their Cashback program before the holidays Microsoft got the gears -- and the money -- rolling. In less than 24 hours, users were reporting that cashback transactions were back in full swing without any intervention on their part.

Stefan Weitz, Director of Live Search, informed WalletPop that the majority of issues had been resolved, providing the following statement.

"While we regret the delay of Live Search cashback payments between Jan. 29 and Feb. 1, we've investigated the issue and have taken steps to correct it. More than 90 percent of the customers affected will receive payouts to their PayPal account today. We are working directly with the remainder of impacted customers to walk them through the steps required to receive their cash back."

Even though Microsoft was relatively quick in fixing this problem, we still advise that shoppers use caution when participating in the Cashback Program in the future.

Many shoppers who took advantage of a 40% cashback promotion at HP.com on Black Friday found out recently that their cashback was cancelled because they had used another coupon on the same transaction. It is stated in the program terms that using a coupon could interfere with receiving cashback but the information is tucked away in the section dealing with why cashback is not showing in an account rather than as a note in the how it works introduction.

If you plan to use Cashback in the future make sure that you follow all of the rules relating purchase eligibility; especially those relating to coupon usage. Treat Cashback the same way you would an old fashioned mail in rebate. Be sure to read all the fine print, follow the instructions to the letter and keep a copy of your order and Cashback confirmation.

The Live.com Cashback program has the potential to be a excellent source of savings for shoppers if it can resolve lingering reliability issues, better communicate what makes a purchase ineligible for cashback and to update users on the status of any cancellation to a reward immediately.

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