Reader polls roundup

mirrorsFrom time to time we share with your the results of reader polls. Here's what you thought about some recent hot topics:

From our story about Target boots a shopper for comparison shopping-

Have you ever been asked to leave a store because you were comparing prices?
5.9% yes
94.1% no

From our story about the audacity of companies that charge to accept automated payments-

Do you have to pay for any of your automated payments?
3.4% yes, but I don't mind
31.1% yes, and it annoys me
65.5% no, I wouldn't pay to pay someone

From our story "How one family collected $1,000 in coins"-

Do you collect change you spot on the floor in public settings?
84.8% yes, I always pick up any coin I see
10.5% no, but after reading this post, I will
4.8% no, it's not worth the time

From "Tight credit market turns small biz startups to their 401Ks"-

Would you use your 401K to start a small business?
38.4% yes
24.4% yes, but only a small portion
37.2% No
About Burger King's Whopper Virgin ads-

What do you think of Burger King's Whopper Virgin ad campaign?
35.4% of you liked it
29.1% were offended by it
35.4% were neutral about it
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