Lesssons Jennifer Openshaw (and Mrs. Fields) Learned About Saving Money


With everyone trying to save as much money as possible these days, you might think you need to move to a deserted island in order to cut your spending. But you don't have to take up residence next to Jack and Kate on Lost -- it's much easier than that. All you have to do is make some small changes to your everyday habits, and you'll still be able to have that daily cup of coffee-sans guilt.

Here's my advice, which I'll be offering to WalletPop readers on a regular basis, so tune in...

Jennifer Openshaw, author of The Millionaire Zone, is co-founder and president of WeSeed, a new company whose mission is to enable people to discover the stock market in their everyday lives through their passions, their fashion, their careers, their kids and the brands they know and love.