Curbing greed: would you take a salary cap?


When you hear stories of small business owners and entrepreneurs, there's always that common thread of giving back to the business. Doing whatever it takes to make the products and services better. Starting out, most business owners can barely afford to pay themselves, if they do at all, and often have to rely on people, who believe in the business, to work for very little or for free.

It seems then, if a C.E.O. is earning an exorbitant salary, that money is being kept out of the business, its products, services, and people. A C.E.O.'s salary can be an indicator of that person's values--the more they make, the more they've been bitten by the greed bug. Run. This person will gamble the house down. Greed is a sickness, it should now be treated as such. Without even giving the most obvious case in point (Bernie Madoff) all of Wall Street needs to be seen for what rules it: greed. What got us into the economic crisis?: unchecked greed.