What happens when Denny's gives away a Grand Slam?


In case you missed the Super Bowl commercial and the announcement on WalletPop yesterday, Denny's has been giving away a free Grand Slam breakfast since 6 AM this morning and will continue to do so until 2 PM. Needless to say it is a busy day for the restaurant chain, in fact, there has been so much interest in the breakfast giveaway that Dennys.com is currently failing to load.

Coping With the Economy

To gauge the experience at Denny's across the nation we went looking on Twitter, where Denny's and Grand Slam topped the conversations this morning, to see what was going on.

The best summary of the Grand Slam Giveaway comes from Patti Harvey in Wisconsin who tweeted, "Crazy madness at Denny's today." Her story did have a happy ending as it was the fastest meal she has had at a Denny's!