Valentine's Day: Take it from traditional to amazing!

Speaking as a male, I have to admit that Valentine's day has always been kind of difficult. On those years when I wasn't in a relationship, February 14 was a reminder that I was a disaffected loner.

On the other hand, when I was in a relationship, the special day was fraught with meaning, portent, and dozens of possibilities for abject failure. After all, a poorly-executed Valentine's day would not just show me up as a total, uncreative loser, but could also suggest that I didn't really care about the relationship, didn't really know my significant other, or was generally inattentive. In short, it seemed like a lose/probably lose proposition.

In truth, as I learned later, it's really hard to totally screw up Valentine's day. Even the standard Whitman's sampler and single red rose is a sign of caring, and anything above tends to speak volumes. The big thing is, for all its commercialism, Valentines day is still a great chance to express your own creativity. With that in mind, here are a few Valentine's day suggestions that can help you take the day from basic blah to truly special: