One cell phone for cheaters to avoid


Although you've been through a rough patch, you can't help but be pleased when your spouse presents with a brand-new cell phone as a 'make-up' gift. If it's a Q-Phone, however, you had better call a lawyer, and not on that phone. The Q-Phone is more than a phone; it's a spy device that will allow your spouse to listen in on your conversations, even if you're not on the phone at all.

The Q-Phone would allow your spouse to call your phone, and having it answer without ringing, vibrating, showing on the screen, or otherwise tipping you off that your phone is now active. This means that you would be unaware that the phone in your pocket is actually be live, transmitting the sounds around you, including whispered nothings and the susurrus of a zipper. Oops!

When you make or receive a call, the phone sends a text message to the spy, who can dial in and eavesdrop on your conversation. The phone will also send the spyer copies of all inbound and outbound text messages.