Bailout "party watch" catches Wells Fargo bank


Several banks are getting their fair share of negative publicity for engaging in questionable spending after accepting bailout money (compliments of the taxpayers). The bailout money was theoretically meant to help financial institutions stay in business and to help loosen up tight credit markets. But time and again, we're seeing the banks doing "business as usual" in spite of the welfare dollars they've received.

First it was AIG being caught throwing not one, but two fancy resort events. There were the Merrill Lynch bonuses paid out even after dismal financial results and the need for taxpayer funds. This week we heard about Citibank paying $400 million to get the naming rights for the New York Mets stadium.

The latest bank caught spending questionably is Wells Fargo. The bank got $25 billion of taxpayer funds, and is celebrating with a 12 night bash at the Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Las Vegas. This high-end event is being hosted for the top mortgage officers, and Wells Fargo says it's a tradition to spend big on its best producers. The insurance division of Wells Fargo is holding a party of their own at Mandalay Bay in February.