Octuplets mom has a plan


I wondered this weekend, who would pay for the octuplets (and their six siblings and mom's hospital bills)? It turns out there is an easy answer: come on, big money, big money. Just as opportunistic American media darlings like "bachelorette" Trista & her hubbie Ryan, the Roloff family, and others like them have shown the way. Mom Nadya Suleman is 33 and has 14 kids: it's time to go on Oprah. And Diane Sawyer. Hopefully, to the tune of $2 million.

And when she's done there? It's the professional talking head circuit, where Suleman intends to be paid well for her expertise. In child rearing, of course. An eager public can only figure that if you've birthed 14 children in eight years and haven't yet been committed to a mental institution or run away, you must be a good mother!

As career arcs go, this is an interesting one, and raises new questions about her fertility treatments: did she hope for fame and fortune as the new coming of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" all along? I'd answer that question, but I'm headed to the obstetrician to beg for Clomid shots; my three little boys may be a handful but they're not getting me that TLC show on their own. [via mamikaze]