M&M shrinks Valentine's Day mix

Joining the hottest, economic-driven trend in grocery stores right now, M&Ms is shrinking the size of its latest holiday special, while keeping the price the same. Its Valentine's Day "Cupid's Mix" weighs in at 12.60oz a bag; that's 10-percent lighter than their other holiday mixes, such as Halloween and Autumn, which both weighed in at 14oz.

One tipster at the Consumerist, who noticed the M&M's incredible
shrinking trick, speculated "I believe that they're testing the shrink ray waters and will eventually shrink the standard Medium-sized bags (and possibly also the Small and Larger bags)."

M&M's Cupid may be stingy, but it's a sign of the times as popular products shrink hoping no one notices. The cash-strapped are left paying more for less at the grocery store. One could look at it as good news--America's very own Jenny Craig diet--as corporations portion-control their processed, but oh so delicious, foods. Recessions do make people healthier, so maybe eating less, even if you're paying more, may not be good for the wallet, its money in the proverbial bank when beach season rolls around.
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