Got more than one carry-on? That'll be 40 bucks, or you don't fly


The European giant Ryanair isn't gonna take any guff, mister. The airline just announced that effective immediately, passengers who are caught with more than one carry-on bag will be charged a chunky 30 right there on the spot. That's about $40 in American dollars.

The airline says it doesn't care if one of those bags is your laptop, your purse or even your lunch. No "personal items" allowed. Everything has to fit in one bag of less than 22 pounds, and if it doesn't, Ryanair wins the point. And you lose cash.

Ryanair's rep virtually stomped his feet in the media equivalent of a temper tantrum over us. "Passengers are made clearly aware of their cabin allowance at the time of their booking and it is also printed on their online boarding cards," he said. That means that if passengers refuse to pay up, they can't fly, because they agreed to the baggage terms when they bought their ticket.

Think it couldn't happen here?