Don't forget to ask for the specials when you eat out!

daily special
daily special

Some people would argue that if money's tight, people shouldn't be eating out at all but the fact is that many Americans, including myself, still indulge. In fact, there are plenty of ways to pay McDonald's prices but get a sit-down meal. Many restaurants have been running specials since people first started cutting back last year, and are taking further steps to reward hungry customers that do come by offering unadvertised specials.

Up until a few months ago, if there was one thing you could count at when you visited a chain restaurant, it was the same items and prices you saw the last time you were there. Now many of these chains are joining family-owned restaurants in offering unadvertised specials. Max & Erma's, for example has recently been offering a $4.99 cheeseburger meal, as well as a rotating special on various cuts of steak, none of which are advertised or on the menu.