Octuplets mom, parents: Who will pay?


The mother of the surprise octuplet babies, it turns out, has no involved partner -- their dad was sperm donor but is not actively involved in their lives. What's more, the six other children at home, all conceived through fertility treatments of some sort, are children of the same man. Further: she lives with her parents, who filed for bankruptcy after buying her a house, and they abandoned another Los Angeles house in the past two years.

Add all these facts to the considerable medical expense of the delivery and care for eight tiny newborns and you have to ask: who's paying for it? And who will pay for it, given the likelihood that the mother will be unable to work with 14 children under the age of seven at home? Estimates are that the hospital stay will cost somewhere close to a million dollars. And everyone is asking the same question: why did the fertility doctor agree to implant a mom with six young children at home with eight embryos? Is this as scandalous as it seems?

It keeps getting scandalous-er. I am beginning to wonder if this woman will be the next multi-million federal bailout. Chances are: she can't possibly pay for the care of her children on her own. God bless the babies. And god bless the taxpayers of California, who will likely be footing the bill.