Guide to last-minute Super Bowl HDTV shopping


Super Bowl XLIII is only two days away, but if years past are any indication there are still plenty of people looking to purchase new HDTVs for their Super Bowl parties. Sales may jump even higher after consumers get a load of a new survey which found that spouses are significantly more likely to head to their in-laws on game day if they know there is an HDTV waiting for them. If you listen closely you can hear fathers-law around the nation using this as an excuse to upgrade right now!

So how do you find a great deal on HDTV with only a day or two to shop around? We asked this question of deal expert Dan de Grandpre of . Dan gives this advice to WalletPop readers looking for in a Super Bowl HDTV.

"The Super Bowl will not be broadcast in 1080p. (In fact, no show has nor will be in the near future.) While we generally recommend purchasing 1080p sets, if you're on a shoe-string budget, you can probably save some cash with a cheaper 720p or 1080i TV."