Forget Black Friday; Super Bowl Sunday is the best shopping day


Do you hate crowds? Does anyone love them? Then you may want to try something a friend and I discovered a few years ago: while the rest of the country is watching some sports event you care nothing about, you can shop in peace.

I am, of course, speaking more to the ladies here. And to anyone who doesn't like football. My friend Chris and I discovered this treat a few years ago. We wanted to go to Ikea and picked some day when there was a huge local basketball game. Don't ask me what championship because I don't know or care. All I know is, the stores were noticeably less crowded. I'm surprised some retailer hasn't hit on the idea and offered special sales to bring people in on this otherwise moribund retail day.

We did our Super Bowl shopping with Ikea, which is never going to be uncrowded. I think they could put up three times as many stores as they have. But the same obviously applies to other shopping ordeals like Trader Joe's.
I used this strategy a few times back when I was single. Now I'm married and am actually going to a fun gathering on Sunday. (Though it's Chinese New Year counter-programming.) Empty stores, along with the Puppy Bowl, can make Super Bowl Sunday fun for every one.

Where's your favorite place to shop Super Bowl Sunday?