What to drive if you want to get a ticket


If you were challenged to pick one widely-sold car most likely to attract traffic tickets, what would it be? A Corvette? Mustang? Honda S2000? Mazda Miata? According to Quality Planning Corporation, which helps the auto insurance industry evaluate risk, you'd be wrong, wrong, wrong.

Is Your Car Here?

The top ten ticket magnets, according to its recently released study, are

  1. Hummer H2/H3, with 463% more tickets than average

  2. Scion tC, 460%

  3. Scion XB, 403%

  4. Mercedes Benz CLK63 AMG, 397%

  5. Toyota Solara, 306%

  6. Mercedes Benz CLS63 AMG, 276%

  7. Scion XA, 275%

  8. Subaru Outback, 266%

  9. Audi A4, 264%

  10. Toyota Matrix, 264%

Not many hot cars in the mix, are there? But I note that several, including the Scions, are cars favored by young drivers. How else can we account for the inclusion of the refrigerator with wheels, the Scion xB, in this list? What is important here is that these figures could drive up the cost of insuring owners, in that tickets are an indicator of hazardous driving.