Tell Us!: Most Annoying Commercial Ever


A good commercial can be art. A lot of Hollywood directors make their bread and butter churning out these 30 second spots. But most of the time commercials are purgatory for the senses.

We want to hear from you, what's the most annoying commercial of all time?

I've luckily buried memories of possible candidates. Except for one: the Swiffer. In the commercials, oh how the mop looks longingly at the woman who used to clean with it but instead has moved on to the Swiffer. The mop stalks the woman, sending her flowers, and she rolls her eyes before slamming the door.

Cleaning products certainly have come a long way, so you'd expect the marketing would evolve too. I remember being so excited as a kid seeing the first cleaning-product commercial with a man instead of a woman in it. I even called my dad all excited.

Why can't Swiffer show, instead, a time-crunched couple thankful for a product that lets them cut their cleaning routine in half? "You take the windows, I'll use the Swiffer, no I'll use the Swiffer." That'd be cute; have them fight over it. I will proclaim here and now, that's one product I won't buy, because its advertising annoys me.

Now that the Super Bowl is giving us something fun and normal to focus on, it's a pastime to anticipate and watch its commercials. This year it seems there's a lot of news stories surrounding rejected attempts at landing one of those coveted, insanely expensive spots.

WalletPop's Bruce Watson wrote about that website that helps cheating spouses hook-up. (I'm not even going to mention its name to keep from giving it anymore advertising). Even they were too racy for the Super Bowl. (I would have thought that the slow-motion shot of two scantily clad women wrestling in a fountain from a few years back would have taken the cake). But this, this website and its attempted Super Bowl commercial was definitely even more tasteless than Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction."

Then NBC rejected P.E.T.A.'s sexy pro-vegetarian ad.
Eating your veggies never looked so good, but then again, yeah, a little on the "wait, aren't kids watching?" side.

Commercials, as we know, generate a lot of buzz and can make an impact. It's important for advertisers to not consider getting under our skin as a win for their product. Bad press may be good press if you're Liza Mninelli. Commercials should work with what they got, budget-wise, and shoot to produce something that might make us stop using our D.V.R.s. So to drive this lesson home, let's round up the most serious offenders.

Tell us, what are the most annoying commercials of all time? (Sorry to have to make you remember).