Obama insists on "BarackBerry"



has been cleared to use his BlackBerry now that he is President. Welcome to the 21st century. While I understand security concerns, this really should have been addressed a couple of presidential terms ago. Any and all technology should be available to the highest office holder in the nation. And an executive who is with it at all would know how to use it. The days of just a red telephone on your desk have been gone for a long time even if Bush and McCain didn't know this.

Obama isn't just using his "BarackBerry," his administration continues to utilize the internet to reach the public and enhance his credibility. Check out the White House web page. It not only has all the current news on the President, it includes "quick polls" where the public can vote on various issues like bailouts, Iran, and Hillary Clinton. When you vote, you receive immediate results to see how others have also voted. There is also an opportunity to leave comments on the various articles posted.

This new White House web page has a fun section where you can put in some data and figure out how much less you would pay in taxes under Obama's tax proposal. According to the site, my tax bill would be about $3,583 less than what I am currently paying. Makes me want to support the changes!