Five Fabulous Finds: Free hot dogs, hamburgers, cookies and more!


This is definitely the free food edition of the Five Fabulous Finds. You won't be able to go hungry between free hot dogs, hamburgers, cookies and even a mini fruit and yogurt parfait. Delicious!

1) Like hot dogs? At Nathan's Famous you can get a hot dog for just 5 cents when you buy one at regular price with this printable coupon. Or, sign up for the Wienerschnitzel Wiener Lovers Club to get a free chili dog with any purchase at Wienerschnitzel.

2) Prefer hamburgers? Get a coupon for one Little Thickburger when you purchase one Little Thickburger at regular price at Hardee's. For dessert, get a free cookie at Corner Bakery or a free mini fruit and yogurt parfait at Bob Evans.

3) Want to judge for yourself whether Diet Dr. Pepper really does taste like regular Dr. Pepper? Then go ahead and sign up to get a coupon by mail for either a free 20 oz bottle or a free 2 litter bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper. Be a Pepper!
4) Sign up at before Super Bowl Sunday and if the opening kick-off is returned for a touchdown you'll be eligible to receive a large one-topping pizza for just 25 cents!

5) Want to make some extra income at home? Get a free download of The Stay-at-Home Mom's Guide to Successful eBay Selling. It's not just for moms, and has some great tips to get started!