2009 comebacks: Cheap food


I've always been a fan of cheap meals that I can easily make at home, such as spaghetti and casseroles. Why? Because I'm cheap, and they're tasty and easy to make.

With the recession unfortunately still around and unemployment rising, finding ways to cut costs and make less expensive meals at home are some of the easiest ways to save money. I have a friend who refuses to go to an Italian restaurant because he figures he can make any pasta sauce just as well at home, and spaghetti is one of the cheapest ingredients around.

You don't have to be starving in college anymore to eat these meals.

Other cheap meals making a comeback are ramen noodles (my favorite being Top Ramen and the meal it provided for a quarter) and Spam, If you want to get fancy with ramen noodles, there are even recipes for salmon ramen with fresh vegetables, Top Ramen on spinach salad, and Top Ramen pizza. I was happy with butter and Parmesan.