Tout shows how you can beat the Massachusetts lottery -- if you roll big


The Massachusetts Lottery can be beaten, much like a casino can be beaten if you can count cards, according to Mark Muir, the Million Dollar Idea Guy.

I'm no whiz at math, so we'll have to go with the premise that Muir knows his math and knows what he's talking about. Here's his idea, which he says will pay back more money than you put in by buying lottery tickets. It's all about increasing your odds.

The Massachusetts Lottery has a $2 game called Cash Winfall, where a player must pick six numbers out of a total of 46. Match all six and win the jackpot. And like many lotteries, if nobody matches all six, the jackpot rolls over to another draw.

The difference with this lottery is that once it reaches $2 million, which is about eight to 10 times per year, and there isn't a jackpot winner, then the prizes for all of the players who matched three, four or five balls are increased by up to 10 times their normal value.

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