NY Giants Super Bowl ring bandits arrested


State police and the FBI discovered 27 New York Giants' Super Bowl rings in a safe deposit box in Saugus, Massachusetts.

The rings were stolen from an Attleboro jeweler by bandits who drilled a hole through the roof and stole a 1,000 pound safe filled with over $2 million worth of jewelry. The Super Bowl rings were reportedly originals designated for stars like Eli Manning and Plaxico Burgess and were valued at about $6,400 each. But that's only the value of the rocks themselve,s and given their historical significance, this may be one of those rare cases where the street value might have been a good deal higher than replacement value.

Sean Murphy, 44, Kristen Sullivan, 22 and Rikkile Brown, 21 were arrested and charged with receiving stolen property.

It's hard to muster up too much indignation at the theft of something as frivolous as Super Bowl rings destined for millionaire athletes -- and the 'drilling through the ceiling' heist is straight out of a Rat Pack movie and pretty exciting. Once these three get out of jail -- that is, if they're convicted -- they should be able to parlay this adventure into a made-for-TV movie.