Find the perfect credit card and your estimated credit score with CardHub 2.0


Finding the right credit card is a challenge that stands in the way of good financial decisions for many people. In the past a search would have involved reading enough fine print to make any sane consumer go batty but with the addition of several new tools has made finding the perfect credit card as easy as updating your Facebook status.

The new Card Hub builds on the educational tools that fellow WalletPop blogger Geoff Williams appreciates, adding a Credit Card Advisor and Credit Estimator -- both can help you make more informed choices. WalletPop had early access to these features and have put them both through their paces in order to see how they stack up.

First off we looked at the Credit Estimator which, after six simple questions, provides you with your estimated credit score. At no point in the process do you need to hand over any personal information - not even an email address. Card Hub's Credit Estimator gives a simple Poor to Excellent rating that anyone can understand and provides a FICO rating for each of these categories so you can see where you rank.

Knowing your credit score, even an estimated one, provides you with significantly more leverage when you are making financial decisions. Whether you are deciding which credit card rate is good or taking out a loan, doing so without knowing what score the lender is using to rate you is tantamount to flying blind, at night, in a canyon. Get the point?

Keep reading to find out how Card Hub's Card Advisor finds the perfect card for your financial situation.

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