Find cool summer jobs in the great outdoors on


Ready to make plans for the summer? A young person looking to combine adventure and earning, or a retiree eager to spend the season outdoors? The job site is one way to to hook up with jobs in national parks, outfitters, theme parks and tour companies.

An example the postings currently appearing on the site:

  • Outdoor Education Instructor at the YMCA camp in Estes Park, Colorado

  • Canyon Country Youth Corps worker in Canyon lands National Park, Utah

  • Ranch hand on a dude ranch near Glacier National Park

  • Volunteer trail crew in an Alaska state park

  • Whitewater guide on the New River in West Virginia

Many of the jobs, as you might expect, are rather menial, such as kitchen and housekeeping help, and don't pay a lot. However, for the young and young in spirit, spending a season or more in some of the most beautiful parts of the United States is compensation enough.

Even if you don't need a job, browsing this site is a great way to escape, if only in your mind, the dreary winter weather.