The Psychic's Guide to Finding a Job


One of the hardest things about being out of a job is the uncertainty. Plagued by questions, you lie awake wondering, "How long will I be out of work?"; "Will I need to relocate?" or "Should I pay that nonrefundable summer camp deposit?

Jeremy, a real estate professional, had been out of work for four months. His savings were running low, he had exhausted his network and he was starting to panic. His wife suggested he call Nancy Orlen Weber, a psychic she had seen on Court TV.

"I felt a little silly calling a psychic," Jeremy admits. "But I needed answers and I thought, 'If she can locate a missing person, she should be able to help me find a job'."

During the consultation, Weber told him she didn't see a real flow of income coming from the real estate market for awhile. She suggested he take a job just to pay the bills and relieve pressure until the market improved in a year or so.

Disappointed, but realizing this made sense, Jeremy took a bridge job. Sure enough, within a year, he found work in his field.

Then there's Charlie, who was given notice that his IT management position at an Ohio manufacturing company would be eliminated. Devastated, he too turned to Weber.

"Thank God, they're letting you go," Weber told him. "You were unhappy there for years and would have never left on your own.

"You will have no trouble getting another position, so when you go on an interview, you interview them to make sure the company is right for you," Weber advised. "I see you getting multiple offers and accepting one in the Southwest where you'll have a strong connection with the people."

Within four months, Charlie had received three offers and accepted one in California working with people he enjoys at a 15 percent salary increase!

Should you enlist a psychic in your job search? Bob Olson, founder and editor of magazine is a kind of Ralph Nader of the paranormal. A former skeptic, Olson says he is convinced some psychics have uncanny intuitive powers that can be extremely helpful.

Olsen suggests relying on a psychic's prediction or advice only as confirmation of your own intuition.

"If you're feeling unsure about your future, a psychic can give you hope, perspective and insight into what the smoothest path will be for you," he says.

"A psychic can read your various potentials and give you a snapshot at that moment of the paths that will be open to you, says intuition expert Nancy DuTertre. "From there, your free will determines whether you follow those paths or reach those potentials."

Olson concurs, adding: "It's best to think about future predictions as entertainment. The real value is in receiving knowledge about yourself and your current situation."

"Even if you get an accurate prediction, it can cause you more trouble than it's worth," Olson warns. "A psychic once told me a female co-worker would soon turn on me. I was convinced it was a certain woman with whom I worked closely, and I proceeded to hound her... always checking to see if she was upset with me. Pretty soon she got suspicious and began to think I had done something behind her back!

"It turns out someone did turn on me, but it wasn't who I expected -- and I damaged a perfectly good relationship in the process."

Who should you contact if interested in consulting a psychic about career matters?

"There is no certification for psychics," DuTertre says. "But be leery of storefront mediums or the $5 special. Go to someone who has been recommended to you by a trusted source."

Based on six years of research and a 15-point test, Bob Olson offers recommendations of reputable psychics on his Web site,

And for those job hunters who don't want to invest the $100 and up many charge for a consultation, psychic Nancy Orlen Weber offers the following advice:

"You have the power to affect your own future by thinking in hopeful terms and sending out positive energy. Just as there are radio waves, there are thought waves that people pick up on. Like attracts like. If you're thinking joyful, hopeful thoughts, you will attract energy that vibrates at the same frequency."

Weber also quotes Helen Keller: "When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but we often look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us."

In other words, don't get so desperate or negative that you lose your own intuitive power.

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