Super Bowl advertising: Men are still from Bluto (women are from Planet clean)


A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about Super Bowl advertising. In the piece, I noted that the NFL's powers-that-be had determined that a company that promoted extramarital affairs could not appear in any football-related promotional materials.

After looking through ten years worth of Super Bowl commercials and doing a bit of research, I came to the conclusion that larger numbers of female fans translated into a greater sensitivity about misogynist ads. Noting the increasingly female-oriented slant of the Super Bowl's advertising, I anticipated the day when "Bud Bowl" might be replaced by the "Swiffer Bowl."

In retrospect, this wasn't the cleverest comment that I could have made, a fact that was driven home by the shellacking that I subsequently received from many of my readers. Among the 178 comments that followed, a significant number criticized me for my incredible insensitivity and willingness to indulge the most offensive stereotypes of anti-feminist crimethink. While it was never my intention to suggest a return to the days of June Cleaver and Donna Reed, it seems that this is how many people perceived my comment; for this, I am sincerely sorry.