Sex still sells...especially if you went to Stanford


Call Christina Warthen the ultimate working girl. The 35-year-old Warthen apparently paid off $300,00 in Stanford Law School student loans by working that "other" oldest profession: prostitution.

But apparently her brains weren't as honed as her beauty. She bragged about this feat online and got caught. Now she's pleading guilty to tax evasion and being ordered to pay back some $313.000 in penalties.

Warthen, 35, who went by the name Brazil during her blue period, traveled the country plying her trade as a high-end call girl from 2001 to 2003, according to court documents filed by federal prosecutors in Northern California. Now married to Ask Jeeves founder David Warthen, he tried to intervene in the case in 2004, saying that money was actually a gift from him. Too late.

According to a search warrant affidavit filed earlier, Warthen began working as a prostitute in 2001 and advertised extensively on the Internet. On her income tax returns, she listed her business as "tour service" and her business name as "Girls of Ipanema."

Here's a smart tip for the Stanford-trained lawyer: Don't kiss and tell.