Quiz: How to Tell if Your Boss Is Just Not That Into You

One of the hottest books in stores today helps women decipher their love lives and face the sometimes obvious truth about their relationships. The title of the book, 'He's Just Not That Into You,' explains the main lesson in a nutshell and it can apply to our work lives, too. Since our career prospects often hinge on our direct supervisor, it's important to understand the relationship fully. If your supervisor shows signs of apathy toward you, perhaps it's time to move on to greener pastures.

If you're not sure how into you your direct supervisor is, take this quiz to find out where your relationship with your boss is headed:

1. What does your boss call you?

a. By my name.

b. By my name, but he mispronounces it.

c. "Hey, You."

2. When your boss arrives in the morning, he or she:

a. Greets everyone with a cheerful "hello."

b. Heads straight to his or her office avoiding everyone.

c. Says "good morning" to everyone but you.

3. The last time you received a salary increase was:

a. Six months ago.

b. A year ago or more.

c. Two years ago or more.

4. When you request to attend conferences or training seminars, your boss:

a. Considers the request and usually grants it.

b. Considers the request and grants it once in a while.

c. Turns you down flat.

5. When a plum, high-visibility project arises, your boss:

a. Gives you first dibs.

b. Assigns it to someone else and explains why.

c. Never considers or consults you.

6. When your boss reprimands you it is usually:

a. In his or her office, in private.

b. In your office or cube.

c. In writing -- with a CC to his or her boss.

7. What typically happens after you turn in an expense report?

a. You get paid within the week, no questions asked.

b. It is usually lost on your boss' desk.

c. You are called in and have to explain that the price of tolls went up.

8. If you turn in a project the boss is not happy with he or she usually:

a. Specifically explains what is lacking and asks you to fix it.

b. Tells you it doesn't work and suggests you start over.

c. Sighs, takes it away from you, and grumbles that it would be easier to do it himself.

9. It's your birthday. To commemorate the occasion, your boss:

a. Throws a big party and tells you how lucky the company is to have you.

b. Does nothing... just as with everyone else.

c. Ignores your birthday, but celebrates everyone else's.

10. Your company is announcing layoffs and everyone is nervous, your boss:

a. Makes sure you know you are valued and will be kept.

b. Acts "business as usual."

c. Avoids you like the plague.

11. You and your boss eat lunch together:

a. Once a week

b. Once a month

c. Never

12. When you request a meeting with your boss:

a. You are accommodated that day.

b. You are accommodated within the week.

c. It takes a week or more and even then you have to stalk him or her relentlessly.

13. Which of the following best describes your social interaction with your boss?

a. We enjoy an occasional lunch or drink together after work.

b. Cordial, but my boss does not socialize with staff.

c. It's a good thing firearms aren't allowed in the office.


If you answered mostly "a's" you and your boss have a positive, productive relationship and you should count yourself lucky. Take advantage of every opportunity your boss grants you to learn and grow on the job.

If you answered mostly "b's," the strains in your relationship are more reflective of your bosses' management style than of a negative dynamic between the two of you. All the same, it would be wise to seek out allies or other sponsors in the company, who might take a more active interest in helping you advance your -- and the company's -- agenda.

If you answered mostly "c's," your boss is definitely not "into" you, and you should be preparing your exit strategy

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