Bret and Jemaine should file claim for $78 from Bank of America


Anyone who has been dinged by their bank for an overdraft charge, as the two main characters were in the recent "Flight of the Conchords" show on HBO, knows that sinking feeling you get when you see it on your bank statement.

There's now a chance to exact a little revenge by getting up to $78 back from Bank of America as part of a class-action lawsuit recently settled by Bank of America and any of the banks it acquired between 2000 and 2007, according to SmartMoney story.

The lawsuit, settled for $35 million, alleged that the bank failed to warm customers that transactions were triggering fees, and that it changed the posting order of transactions and embarked on other activities in order to increase revenue from non-sufficient funds fees, overdraft fees and similar charges.

Bank of America denies any wrongdoing and is agreeing to pay up to $78 per account holder. The average household pays $368 in overdraft fees each year, according to Brenton Woods, a financial services advisory firm quoted in the SmartMoney story.

WalletPop's Sarah Gilbert wrote about this method of making money at Bank of America in December.