8 Ways to Survive -- and Thrive -- in a New Job


Robert Half International

With a new president in the Oval Office, many people are focusing on the first 100 days of the new administration -- and those starting a new job are wise to take a cue. The initial months on a job can be exciting, but they also are critical to shaping your manager's and co-workers' opinions about your potential in the new role, as well as laying the groundwork for success within the organization.

Although most employers understand that new hires need time to adapt, they also take note of how you go about it. While there's a lot to learn -- from your colleagues' names to company policies -- the actions you don't take in the early stages of employment can be just as important as those you do take. In fact, failing to adapt to a firm's corporate culture and not asking enough questions were cited as the two biggest mistakes made by new employees in a survey of hiring managers by Robert Half International.