10 Sexy Careers You Never Thought Of

By Anthony Balderrama, CareerBuilder.com writer

Depending on where you work and whom you work with, the words "sexy" and "job" shouldn't share a sentence. Even if you check all romantic notions at the door when you punch your time card, not everyone does.

Plenty of people are just as -- or more -- attractive as the profession they choose. Not just the obvious picks, such as athletes, doctors or models, but also some whose attractive quotients rise when they're on the clock.

Here are 10 careers that have more sex appeal than you probably realize:

1. Administrative assistants

When you visit almost any workplace, a smiling administrative assistant greets you. Very often you don't know if you're in the right place, whom you need to speak with or even what you need to do. Administrative assistants know the answers and, because they're your first points of contact, they have to be well groomed and kind to visitors Knowledge, good looks, a nice personality and helpfulness? Yes, please. And since they frequently work closely with high-level executives who value their opinions, they often possess a hidden but large cache of power. Administrative assistants pretty much have the whole package.

2. Baristas

If you're one of those coffee drinkers who doesn't speak to anyone and whom nobody wants to speak to until you've had your morning cup, is any occupation more attractive than barista? Before the sun rises, baristas are hard at work and ready to serve you with a smile. They understand your special ordering language and don a uniform, even if it only consists of casual clothes with an apron and cap. And no cologne or perfume they buy will ever be more scintillating than the aroma of coffee that blankets them even after they leave work.

3. Hairstylists

Getting your hair cut is an intimate affair: The stylist's hands are all over your head and your face is fairly close to his or her torso at all times. In any other circumstance you'd consider such proximity a violation of personal space. But stylists have an ability to make you feel comfortable enough to talk about your personal life, and when you find the perfect one you don't want anyone else touching your hair. Throw in a scalp massage and you're putty in their hands.

4. Disc Jockey

Clubs are teeming with sexy people (or at least people trying to be sexy), which means you've got a room full of perfumes, colognes, too much makeup, bad hairstyles and stumbling drunks. It's enough to make you turn around and walk away. But once you catch a glance of the stylish guy or gal in the booth who's spinning records (or hitting buttons on a laptop) and making the crowd dance, you suddenly want to stay. DJs possess one of those quirky talents we all wish we had and they look cool doing it. Bonus points if you catch his or her eye and get a song played for you.

5. IT workers

Although IT workers have earned a bad reputation for not understanding the plight of the computer-illiterate worker, they aren't the office villains some people have made them out to be. And if power is sexy, then these men and women probably outrank everyone. Whether you're low on the totem pole or an executive, if you can't open your e-mail account or figure out why your monitor is flickering, you call IT. In many offices, IT workers have the most lax dress code of all the departments, so you can't help but envy them.

6. Mail carriers

Mail carriers spend their days walking from house to house to deliver letters and packages, guaranteeing their legs look nice in those signature navy blue shorts. You know carriers are determined and trustworthy, seeing as they come to your house regardless of the weather and (hopefully) none of your letters are ever opened. Wouldn't most of us rather stay home on cold days and read personal letters and magazines from our bags?

7. Personal trainers

Personal trainers are in better shape than any of us will ever be and that alone is sexy. What's more attractive is their determination to help their clients reach a goal. Whether you're excited or terrified when you hire a trainer, you'll be ready to keep the spare tire after a few weeks. Trainers are there to help you ignore that burning pain in your abs and the sweat stinging your eyes. Sure, you want to punch them when they call you a quitter, but their tough love helps you take that long, sweaty journey to fitness.

8. Photographers

Artsy types get a boost in the sexy department for having a strong sense of style and a unique perspective on the world. Even among artists, photographers stand out because they stay behind the camera, finding beauty in unconventional and overlooked places. Their willingness to stay out of the spotlight and focus their attention on someone else is endearing.

9. Psychologists

Whether or not you find your psychologist sexy is a personal matter that you might want to take up with him or her. But as a rule, people want to be heard and they like to talk about themselves, and psychologists make a living listening to people talk about themselves. They also help you solve your most pressing issues and you can rely on them for support (for a hefty fee, of course). What more could you want?

10. University professors

Behold the power of intellect: Someone who wasn't even on your romantic radar suddenly becomes the target of your affection when you find out he or she is intelligent -- or at least could be. Being a professor doesn't make anyone an automatic genius, but chances are these academics have expertise in at least one field, can speak a second or third language and have ambition (seeing as they spent a hefty portion of their time earning a few degrees). Plus, if anyone can make glasses go from nerdy to sexy, it's them.

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