High-Paying Work-From-Home Jobs

Here are some jobs you can do from the comfort of your home and earn a decent salary. See the top 10 list. Most of these require 5-9 years of experience, but many on this list are jobs that don't require a degree.

Working from home may require a little negotiation on your part, but many employers are open to telecommuting. On the other hand, becoming an independent contractor or self-employed are also ways you can earn money in your slippers.

10. Travel Agent

Salary: $32,122
Job Description: Plan and sell transportation and accommodations for travel agency customers. Determine destination, modes of transportation, travel dates, costs, and accommodations required.

Hiring Now:Travel Agents

9. Medical Claims Processing

Salary: $36,814

Job Description: Medical claims processing involves the encoding and coordination of all information related to patient health care and working with insurance carriers to get claims paid. This type of home based business would be very detail-oriented and would require previous experience.

Hiring Now:Medical Claims Processors

8. Graphic Designer

Salary: $40,117

Job Description: Graphic designers produce visual solutions to the communication needs of clients, using a mix of creative skills and business metrics. Designers need imaginative flair, awareness of current fashions in the visual arts, working knowledge of the latest computer packages and an understanding of material costs and time limits.

Hiring Now:Graphic Designers

7. Property Manager

Salary: $41,427

Job Description: Residential property managers help investment property owners and homeowners in preserving and increasing the value of their real estate investments. They manage the day-to-day financial operations of the property, including finding and placing qualified tenants, and they ensure the property is in good working order.

Hiring Now:Property Managers

6. Freelance Writer, Technical

Salary: $42,520

Job Description: Technical writers explain in simple language scientific and technical ideas that are difficult for the average reader to understand. Some write articles and reports on current trends in fields such as science and engineering.

Hiring Now:Freelance Writers

5. Account Executive, Inside Sales

Salary: $42,624

Job Description: Primary responsibilities include heavy outbound calls to generate sales and new business.

Hiring Now:Account Executive

4. Interpreter or Translator

Salary: $43,478

Job Description: Translators and interpreters convert one language into another. They work on special projects that are suited to their talents and areas of knowledge. Translators deal with the written word, often converting literary pieces or technical manuals, business guidelines, etc. Interpreters, on the other hand, make it possible for people who do not speak the same language to talk to one another.

Hiring Now:Interpreter/Translator

3. Public Relations Professional

Salary: $52,675

Job Description: Engage in promoting or creating a positive image for individuals, groups or organizations by writing or selecting favorable publicity material and releasing it through various communications media. May prepare and arrange displays, and make speeches.

Hiring Now:Public Relations Jobs

2. Financial Planner

Salary: $59,548

Job Description: Financial planners help individuals and groups maximize their savings, income and investments. Some teach people, through seminars and workshops, how to manage their finances.

Hiring Now:Financial Planner

1. Web Software Engineer

Salary: $71,149

Job Description: Software engineers working in applications or systems development analyze user needs, and design computer applications software or systems. Software engineers can be involved in the design and development of many types of software, including software for operating systems and network distribution.

Hiring Now:Software Engineer

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