High-Paying Government Jobs



When you think of a job in government, what do you think of? A stuffy, conservative, monotonous portion of our working world, filled with indolent and mindless workers, right?

On On the contrary, working for the government has a number of benefits, No. 1 being salary. Many government jobs pay $50,000 and more annually. And that's just the beginning.

The reality is that only about 15 percent of federal employees work in Washington, D.C. -- the other 85 percent is in other U.S. territories and foreign countries. In 2006, there were 2.7 million civilian employees and 1.4 million in military uniform in the federal government. There are numerous opportunities for job candidates interested in the public sector with key federal agencies such as the CIA, U.S. Navy, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Veteran Affairs and Department of Energy

Not convinced why you should work for the government? See if these choice government jobs change your mind: