Get your cable shows free (by watching at your gym...)


When people look to save money by cutting back on bills, cable is often one of the first expenses to be cut. While you can stay up to date with many shows online, there are just as many that you can only catch on cable. Usually you'd have to make due without. But one of my friends has come up with a great way to keep up with her shows and stay fit at the same time: She watches her favorite cable shows at the gym.

Elizabeth McCombs, marketing manager at the local mall, has a gym membership at a 24-Hour Fitness chain which equips each piece of equipment with a television.

By timing her workout with her favorite cable series, she's been able to save on her monthly cable bill and get in better shape. Since it's her only avenue for watching Burn Notice or Psych, she also gets the very most of her gym membership fees.