"Breastaurants" the latest in recession-proof businesses


Hooters is finally seeing some competition.

Turns out some restaurant entrepreneurs are realizing that what Hooters has on offer (good food, served by pretty, buxom young women), is a recipe for success, even in the current economic environment. Restaurants like Twin Peaks and Bone Daddy's, both of whom only hire women to serve food, are opening new restaurants and growing in an otherwise, er, flat market.

I wouldn't know this because I'm married, and of course, haven't any opinions on this, but these are women who are apparently, upon sight, able to make grown men drool and stammer like cavemen. And order lots and lots of meat-based entrees to wash their beer down with, apparently.

These restaurants -- that feature scantily-clad waitresses -- have become known as breastaurants, and are liberally borrowing from Hooter's well-established playbook. Hey, all's fair in love and food.

It may also have helped that Hooters has survived lawsuits from the Equal Employment Opportunity and individual men who wanted to become waiters at Hooters (though these lawsuits keep coming). Figuring that the law is on their side and that there's so much money to be made, we can probably expect entrepreneurs with an eye on the, um, bottom line, to open up more of these breastaurants in the near future.