A Montana town for sale


The idea of glamorous billionaires buying their own islands is getting a little trite, don't you think? Isn't it time to mix it up a little with something a bit more grounded? Like, say, owning a town in Montana?

The town of Garryowen, Montana is for sale for $6.5 million. Coldwell Banker Commercial is conducting the sale, and on their site Town4Sale.com described the town of Garryowen "the last and best real estate inside the boundaries of the Custer Battlefield and positioned with perfect access and visibility from a premier tourist route. This property-five verdant acres and impeccable facilities-tenderly shelters the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, one of the Custer dead."

Garryown has some pretty interesting historical significance for a privately-owned town. It is located at the southern edge of what was once Sitting Bull's encampment, and is said to be the place where the Battle of the Little Bighorn began. It houses the
Custer Battlefield Museum, which is not for sale.

It should be noted that calling Garryowen a town is a little bit of a stretch. It has a total area of one square mile and is unincorporated. Its only commerce is its status as a tourist attraction: It does not appear to have any private residents currently living there, and its most notable shopping establishments are a Subway, convenience store and, of course, a gift shop.

But still: You get to tell people that you own your own town and you can give yourself a fancy title. Why be the mayor when you can be the Grand Poohbah?