30 Jobs for Early Birds and Night Owls

There's a bitter divide in the workplace.

On one side of the divide there are the morning people, alert and perky as they arrive at their desks earlier than necessary, brimming with enthusiasm for the workday ahead.

And then there are the night people, who during the first hours of the workday can only manage to shoot angry looks from heavy-lidded eyes at their impossibly chipper co-workers. The night peoples' minds kick into high gear just as the afternoon sun commences its slow descent (and the morning people begin to covertly suppress yawns).

So which are you -- an early bird or a night owl? Though the majority of the population falls somewhere in the middle, for those of you who are truly one or the other -- a morning or night person -- a job that matches the timing of your body clock can be crucially linked to your job satisfaction and productivity.

Here's a list of jobs that stretch beyond the typical nine-to-five work schedule.

Jobs for Early Birds

1. Morning news producer

Average salary: $58,210

Morning news producers -- and nearly anyone who works on a morning news program, from directors to make-up artists to broadcast journalists -- complete many of their workday hours before the sun even rises.

2. Newspaper deliverer

Average salary: Varies

Newspaper deliverers typically work between 2 a.m. and 8 a.m. Some work seven days a week; some share their route with another deliverer.

3. School teacher

Average salary: $46,990 (elementary school teachers)

Though some teachers work longer hours than others (and often take on duties in addition to teaching), a typical schedule is from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

4. Refuse and recyclable material collector

Average salary: $30,160

Trash and recyclable truck drivers and collectors can start as early as 5 a.m. and work an eight-hour shift.

5. Postal Service mail carrier
Average salary: $44,450

Mail carriers often begin their workday around 4 a.m. and finish their duties by the early afternoon.

Jobs for Night Owls

1. Reporter

Average salary: $36,770

Reporters who write for morning newspapers often work from the afternoon (after many of the days events have occurred and can be reported) until late in the night.

2. Bartender or bouncer

Average salary: $17,640 (bartenders)

Bartenders and bouncers work shifts during the hours that clubs and bars are open, typically from the afternoon through the early hours of the morning.

3. Pastry chef

Average salary: $35,840 (head chefs)

Many pastry chefs and bakers work late night shifts in order to bake items that will be fresh the following morning and day.

4. Movie projectionist

Average salary: Varies

Naturally, movie projectionists work during the hours that movie theaters are open -- typically, the earliest showing is 11 a.m., but the majority of movies run in the late afternoon, evening and night.

5. Disc jockey

Average salary: Varies

Though some disc jockeys work morning and daytime hours playing recorded music on the radio, many begin work only after the sun sets, working at parties, bars and clubs.

Jobs That Early Birds and Night Owls Can Share

Any job that requires 24-hour coverage is going to have morning and night shifts, thus making it an ideal profession for both morning and night people.

1. Healthcare

Nurse, doctor, EMT, paramedic

2. Food service

Chef/cook, waiter, host(ess), barista, dishwasher

3. Public service

Police officer, firefighter

4. Transportation

Transit or railroad operator, truck driver, bus driver, taxi driver, chauffeur

5. Additional shift jobs

Hotel employees, security guards, helpline and technical support staff

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