2009 comebacks: Thick shoes, fringe hairstyles and Uggs


Nowhere is the past more prologue than in the fashion industry, and again in 2009 the past-popular returns with updated details to make them appear fresh. Three noteworthy trends for the coming year are the resurrection of platform and thick shoes, fringe hairstyles, and the oh-so-comfortable Ugg line of boots.

The platform shoe, the scourge of the disco era and the friend of the altitudinally-challenged, is making a tottering return to fashion in several incarnations. Adding platforms to heels will make for a dizzying challenge for dressy occasions, while breezy summer ensembles will be set off with tall sandals and other open-toed styles.

For the counterculture, another thick shoe is on the rebound, the Doc Marten, in many colors and fashions that one wouldn't associate with this brand. According to FabSugar, the company's introduction of kimono-print models has brought the clunky shoe once worn only by those with foot problems back into the wardrobe of trendsetters such as Johnny Depp.