2009 comebacks: The three-piece suit

Some of my fellow twenty-somethings have been known to confuse the three-piece suit with the tuxedos we rented every summer for the first five years out of college but that's set to change in 2009. The Fashionising blog recently picked out the three-piece suit as one of the styles set for a comeback in 2009, offering men everywhere an undeniably classic look.

The three-piece suit can be an amazing tool in your wardrobe, and, so long as you're doing a good job at work, an excellent way to stand out and be remembered. Fashionising is quick to point out that while the three-piece suit is coming back in 2009, you shouldn't go buy up a vest in every color of the rainbow from your local tux shop. 2009 will see a return to the classic vest tailored from matching fabric rather than one that shouts contrast.

I don't don a suit every day, but when I do dust off my lapels, I make sure to put on a vest as well. There's no better way to grab an extra dose of confidence and stand out in at a crowded event. After all, the three-piece is the ultimate power suit.

If you don't have the chance to head to Vietnam and score your custom tailored suit like I did, be sure to check out IndoChino.com, is one of the cheapest places to score a tailored three piece suit, with styles starting at $319!

Perhaps the resurgence of the three-piece suit can be traced to the popularity of AMC's hit show Mad Men or just to an overwhelming desire of men everywhere to master their own destinies. Whatever the reason may be for the return of the three-piece suit; Joel Johnson of Boing Boing Gadgets sums it up best, "A classic that died before its time. Welcomed back with two open, slightly constricted arms."

In the words of Barney Stinson, "Suit Up!"

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