Miller High Life only needs one second for Super Bowl ad

Super Bowl ads are the most anticipated commercials of the year due to the creativity and over the top showmanship that, at times, has been known to upstage the actual football game. With the cost for a 30-second Super Bowl ad running $3 million this year, MillerCoors has decided that it doesn't need to shell out that kind of cash to connect with its Miller High Life fans. Instead, they will air a one-second commercial for the champagne of beers on affiliates across the nation.

You can already see a selection of one-second ads that won't make the cut at All of the ads feature the well known High Life delivery driver and a healthy dose of humor. If you don't laugh out loud while watching the montage of one-second ads then you obviously aren't living the high life.

From a company standpoint, airing a one-second ad may prove to be more beneficial than a 30-second commercial. While Super Bowl commercials likely have more people watching them than the ads that air during Lost it is still easy to tune out most ads. Assuming the ad that Miller High Life runs is anything like those that didn't make the cut then DVR viewers will surely be rewinding to figure out just what the heck was on their screen.

Of course not everyone will be able to see these ads since Budweiser is the official nationwide advertiser which means MillerCoors will have to go local in order to get the commercials on the air. This is probably a good thing since the NFL has been a little picky about what kind of commercials can air during the Super Bowl. Just last week it denied advertising to a website devoted to helping married people find someone to have an affair with!

There's no better time for the bargain priced beer to get back on people's radars. After the economy soured late last year I returned to the High Life after experimenting with more expensive Micro-brews and imported beers; an act I'm sure I didn't take alone. Here's to the High Life and their one-second advertisement. Hopefully they'll spend the money they saved on 230 tons of smokehouse bacon and include a pound of it with every 12 pack sold.
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