TJ Maxx: We lost your data, here's 15% off

On Thursday January 22 TJ Maxx will be holding a 15% off customer appreciation day. The sale which has no exclusions is nationwide and includes all Marshalls, Homegoods, AJ Wright and TJ Maxx stores. While 15% off is a common occurrence at many stores, 15% off of the prices at TJ Maxx and the associated stores may bring many significant deals to the table as they all sell brand name goods at discounted prices and have vowed to not raise any prices leading up to Thursday.

The whole idea of a customer appreciation day at TJ Maxx started when the company was hit with a class action lawsuit over the biggest security breach, which affected close to 26 million accounts. TJ Maxx had originally asked a judge to allow them to use a customer appreciation day as a settlement to those affected by the breach, but the request was denied.

Even though Thursday's sale doesn't count towards the settlement, it appears that TJ Maxx is looking to make good with all consumers by letting anyone take advantage of the savings even if they weren't caught up in the breach. The savings can even be combined with an additional 10% off if you're daring enough to hand over your personal information to TJ Maxx for a store credit card.

While many of us, including myself, will be looking for discounts on designer dress clothes and outerwear, TJ Maxx stores have a huge variety of categories including house wares, jewelry, luggage and even small furniture which will be on sale. Additionally Bruce Watson recently turned me on to the fact that you can get great deals on high quality grocery items at TJ Maxx!

I think this kind of special day is a good move for the company who stands to draw in price conscious consumers during the economic downturn. Many consumers will still associate the day with the data breach settlement which may help bring some shoppers back after a lengthy hiatus.

In the end, the customer appreciation day discount could be worth more than the actual settlement to consumers. Even a huge settlement would get chopped up a few million ways after it pays all of the lawyers leaving a paltry sum for the bulk of those who were affected. Personally I prefer the additional savings over another small check like the one I received from the CD price fixing class action lawsuit a few years back.

You don't need any coupons to take advantage of the deal this Thursday; but if you're anything like me you'll be paying cash!
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