Royal Caribbean says your food's not free if you're hungry at night


Apparently, the days of all-inclusive cruises are coming to an end. Royal Caribbean, which enjoyed a public relations train wreck in October when it announced it would be charging $15 for its New York Strip Steak, has come up with another surcharge sure to annoy people who select cruises because they're easy. If you want room service between midnight and 5 am, you'll now have to pay another $4 for it. By this Friday, all its ships will have this new fee in place.

The fee only applies to food. Cruise Critic reports that $1.50 of the fee will go to tipping the person who brings it, but since drinks are not subject to the fee, does that mean the steward who brings you a Coke isn't getting paid for it? Undoubtedly, many passengers will double-tip their stewards, not knowing where the fee is going (although given the pathetic salaries cruise ship employees make, that's not such a bad thing.)