Family Dollar shows you how to create a meal for under $10


Everyone knows how hard it it to make ends meet these days, and a major concern has always been saving money on groceries. The latest Family Dollar flyer combines an off-brand, Family Pantry with name brands like Aunt Jemima and Kraft to help you feed your family all day, from breakfast through to TV snack time for less than $10 per meal. Of course, unless you're feeding the Brady Bunch, things like cereal and pancake mix are going to last for more than one meal, so the cost per meal will be much less.

For breakfast, choose from Kellogg's High School Musical cereal for $2.50 for a 24oz. box or cook up some Aunt Jemima pancakes. A 2 lb. box of pancake mix is only $2 and you can top it with Family Pantry Pancake Syrup for $1.50 per 24 oz. bottle or some Family Pantry strawberries in a 15 oz. can for a buck. You can add Tyson cooked bacon to the menu for $2. It comes in a 2.2 oz. package.

At lunch time, feed the kids soup and sandwiches. Family Dollar has Campbell's Chunky Soup in 18.8-19oz. cans for only $1.50 per can. A 10oz. can of Family Pantry white chunk chicken is $2 and Kraft Miracle Whip or Mayo in a 10oz. bottle is $1.65. Family Pantry saltines are only a buck for a 16oz. box. To drink, offer Kool-Aid Jammers. They come in a pack of 10 for $2.

For dinner, Family Dollar suggest Hormel Compleats 10oz. microwavable dinners. This week you can get two dinners for $4. If you don't like the idea of microwaving dinner, you can buy a box of Kraft Velveeta Cheesy Bacon Scallop potatoes in a 10.23oz. box for $2 and a can of Stokley's green beans for 50 cents for a 14.5 oz. can to help you round out a meal including your choice of meat. For dessert, cook up a batch of Duncan Hines brownies. The 21oz. mix is only $1.60 this week at Family Dollar. A six-pack of Welch's drinks is $2.25.